Room 32

…a large square room with a hole rudely broken through one wall. It must have taken a great deal of strength to pull the heavy stones out of position.
The symmetry was also disturbed by the apparent loss of one of the room’s statues. My visitors thought a thief had broken into the room, removed the figure, and made away with it. This, of course, was one explanation.
“Another one!” they cried.
“You mean another representative of the animal kingdom?” I asked.
“What is a bird like that doing here?”
“Roosting, evidently.” Their attitude was really beginning to irritate me. I have come to think of all the inhabitants of this House as members of my little kingdom. People can be so arrogant…in a very real way we are all of us animals, at least in part.
I wouldn’t answer any more of their questions so we left this room to enter…Room 6 Room 11 Room 16 Room 28

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